Welcome to Mozart & Friends,

the management and publishing company for producers, songwriters and artists - run by producers and songwriters.

We're representing the following producers, songwriters and artists worldwide, either through exclusive worldwide publishing agreements or worldwide management:

Marc Mozart
Alfred Tuohey
Doctor Fink
J. Worthy
Brand Blank aka Johannes Bürmann
Mimoza Blinsson
Patrick Flo Macheck
Alexander Gernert
Manuel Loyo
Alexander "Indy" Krause
Alexander Hahn
Dominik Rothert

If you're interested in working with us, please call or e-mail:
mozartandfriends (skype)


mozart & friends limited
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B18 6EW
United Kingdom
Director: Marc Mozart
Registered in England
Company-No: 5849585

Deutsche Niederlassung
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Demo Policy

If you're interested in sending us demos, please send them via e-mail and make sure you can accept the following guidelines:
- we are listening to mp3s at all bitrates and iTunes AACs
- Apple iTunes is a free software available for Mac OS X and Windows
- the size of the files attached to your e-mail shouldn't exceed 20MB
- if you want to send pictures or lyrics, use these file-formats: .pdf .jpg .txt .doc
- include info on who you are, what you do and what your goals are
- briefly explain what you are looking for
- include your contact info and make sure you're using a steady e-mail adress
- we'll be storing your e-mail and attached materials for future reference

All the material sent may be made accessible to our producers & writers or sent on to other people.

If you're OK with all the above, we're looking forward to receive your demo via e-mail at the following adress: