Mozart & Friends delivers Industry-leading Chart-Performance: 33 Major label releases in the last 11 Months

During the last 11 months Mozart & Friends signed 9 new producers and songwriters. The team has been extremely busy working on a total of 33 tracks released through major labels, mainly in the German Territory, but also in the UK and US and other European Countries.

Neil AthaleLondon-based Producer and Writer Neil Athale landed a major chart-success with his production and co-write of the "Popstars On Stage" hit-single "Never Give Up". With four more productions on the "Allstars"-Album, he is a major contributor to Mozart & Friends success.

monrose hot summer coverAlf Tuohey and Thanh Bui (Yin Yang Music Group) from Melbourne, Australia have joined Mozart & Friends in July. They have been busy producing 3 tracks for the "Allstars"-Album of "Popstars On Stage" TV-Series, wrote a song and appear as feature vocalists on three songs of Jimi Blue's debut-album "Mission Blue" (Universal Music).

20-year old Vocal-Producer Becca Hossany from Brighton has coached the contestants of "Popstars On Stage" TV-Series at the recordings of the entire "Allstars"-Album including the hit-single "Never Give Up". Becca joined Mozart & Friends after finishing her degree at the Brighton Institute of Music.

Multi-talented Producer and Writer Manuel Loyo co-wrote 4 songs and coached Jimi Blue during the recordings of "Mission Blue". He also mixed a song on the "Popstars On Stage" Allstars-Album and contributed the house-mix on the latest No Angels smash-hit "Teardrops".

Manuels part-time writing-partner Alexander Gernert, who co-produced the No Angels "Teardrops" House-Mix, is another powerful addition to the team of Mozart & Friends. He is a feature vocalist on two "Mission Blue"-Songs and the main writer on Jimi Blue's "Family Song".

Producer/Songwriter Alexander HahnFinally Alexander Hahn, based in Hamburg, Germany is a powerful Producer and Writer joining the Mozart & Friends team. He is the main writer of Jimi Blue's "All Alone" and co-produced the "Family Song" on Jimi's chart-debut "Mission Blue". He also produced "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" as the B-Side of the "Popstars On Stage" hit-single "Never Give Up".

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