No Angels Single "Disappear" features three Remixes By Mozart & Friends

Update March 6, 2008:
No Angels just won the German Prequalifying for the Eurovision Song Contest! The Finals for the Eurovsion Song Contest take place in Belgrad on May 24, 2008.

No Angels-Single "Disappear"No Angels' new single "Disappear" features three remixes by Mozart & Friends' team of music producers. The song served as No Angels competition song for the german pre-qualifying of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. After charting on Number #12 in Germany in the first week, the song made a huge jump to Number #4 on the German Single Charts in the second week and is now the biggest hit the No Angels had since their 2007 reunion.
The original song was written by songwriters Remee, Hanne Sorvaag and Thomas Troelsen.
With 7 charting remix-productions in the last few months, Mozart & Friends have gained a reputation as one of Germany's top remix- and production-teams.

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This atmospheric version of "Disappear" is based on a beautiful piano performance by Melbourne/Australia-based Mozart & Friends Producer Alf Tuohey.
Marc Mozart then refined the mix with "trip-hop-esque" drumloops. The final mix was done by Marc Mozart at Mozart & Friends Studio Frankfurt.

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Mozart & Friends Producer Alexander Hahn has contributed a trancy housemix of "Disappear". The remix production was performed at his Chartlab Studio based in the center of Hamburg, Germany.

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This is the heavier of the two house-mixes with plenty of traditional german techno elements. The basic tracks were programmed by Manuel Loyo and Alexander Gernert, while Marc Mozart added synthesizers and took care of the final mixdown.

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No Angels - Disappear
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No Angels - Disappear
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No Angels - Disappear
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