Mozart & Friends and AMV Talpa Announce worldwide Co-Publishing Partnership

v.l.n.r: Jens-Markus Wegener (AMV Talpa) und Marc Mozart (Mozart & Friends Limited)Official Press Release by
Mozart & Friends Limited and AMV Talpa Musikverlag GmbH:

At the Songwriters' Summit, co-organised by AMV Talpa and held at the MUSEXPO 2009 in London, the German top producer Marc Mozart and AMV Talpa announced a long term exclusive publishing cooperation. Mozart & Friends, the team of 10 international songwriters and producers managed by Marc Mozart, will (retroactive from) 1 January 2009 co-publish all the already written and produced copyrights of Mozart's publishing worldwide with AMV Talpa. At the same time, AMV Talpa announced exclusive author contracts with Alf Tuohey, Jason Worthy, Alexander Gernert, Manuel Loyo, Alexander Krause and Patrick Florian Macheck.

Since 2000 90% of the titles produced by Marc Mozart have stormed the TOP 10 Charts in various European countries. And the new team Mozart & Friends, created in 2007 has since come up with more than 30 chart tracks. Mozart and his producers delivered hit songs and productions for Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, Monrose, No Angels, LXB feat. Snoop Dogg, Stefanie Heinzmann and the new album by Cinema Bizarre to be released worldwide. After the successful co-operation of Marc Mozart in New York with Sean „P.Diddy“ Combs - amongst others- his breakthrough was assured years ago with songs and productions for the No.1 album of the "Popstars"-band Bro'sis.

AMV Talpa's Director Jens-M. Wegener said after signing the contract:
„Marc Mozart and his team belong to the top 3 in Germany for the writing and producing of pop hits. His international reputation is excellent too. We are very proud that Marc chose us. All the publishers in Germany would have been happy to sign a contract with Marc.“

Mozart commented on his decision to choose AMV TALPA as follows:
"To me, Jens-Markus Wegener is the most innovating music publisher in Germany. AMV Talpa has a world class network of proactive international publishing partners, where our authors are the highest priority. With AMV Talpa's support we will further expand our international songwriting partnerships and invest even more in building the careers of young authors and producers. The AMV Talpa team in Hamburg fills me with enthusiasm with their passion and innovative ideas. I feel at home and understood there."

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