Mozart & Friends - Our Team pays Tribute to the late great Michael Jackson

Marc Mozart, producer and songwriter, Director Mozart & Friends Limited:
"Michael Jackson is all we talk about these days. Mainly - of course - his music. The unbelievable number of amazing songs he wrote. The emotional power, the timeless quality of the songwriting and productions.
As a person, I believe that Michael's humanitarian message was greatly misunderstood and most of the allegations he had to face were orchestrated to milk him of his resources or to sell more tabloids. And there was and is a political dimension as well.
Michaels legacy will be forever my inspiration and a reminder to make records that are larger than life."

Matt "Doctor" Fink, keyboard player of Prince and The Revolution:
"Michael and I are the same age and I grew up on his work and wanted to be like him in many ways. He was a huge influence on me.
I believe that Michael Jackson was and is the Charlie Chaplin/Frank Sinatra/ Fred Astaire/Elvis of my generation. In other words, all of those past entertainers wrapped up into one package of blazing genius. Even though we lost him too soon his body of work eclipsed all of his contemporaries. His legacy will live on and continue to influence future artist's and entertain future audiences in much the same way the artist's that I mentioned earlier influenced him."

(asked whether Michael was a victim of his success)
"I don't think he was a victim of his success but rather a victim of losing his childhood to show business and also, according to him, an abusive father who pushed his children to the limits of their abilities."
(asked about Michael Jackson/Prince Rivalry, Collaborations, etc.)
"I never met Michael and just missed him backstage at a Prince concert. I did meet several of the Jackson 5 and Janet as well.
Prince and Michael remind me of the rivalry that The Beatles and The Rolling Stones had in the 1960's. Both were huge influences on pop culture and totally original in nature.
Prince rarely talked about Michael and probably felt competitive towards him. As far as I know there were not any collaborations."

Manuel Loyo, who was six years old when "Thriller" came out:
"Michael Jackson and early hardcore hip-hop was the music I could identify with in the late 80s. I started my own Michael Jackson Fan-Club when I was a teen and printed my own Michael Jackson fan-magazine in Germany.
One day I got a letter from Michael that included an autograph with a personal dedication. For me Michael Jackson is the greatest solo artist ever"

Michael Jackson Autograph with personal dedication to Manuel Loyo, producer and songwriter of the Mozart & Friends team of music producers

Alf Tuohey:
“Michael changed the world forever. He was truly not from this world, and I am sure he is incredibly happy and relieved to be home again. Thank you Michael for blessing us with your music, your entertainment and your inspiration. Until next time, Alf.”

Thanh Bui:
"Watching Michael Jackson win a collection of Grammy awards inspired me to start music. Actually, the first record that I ever bought was a cassette tape of The Jackson 5 - I remember one of the first songs I ever learnt to sing was 'I'll be there'. There will never be another human being who will change or influence music the same way that Michael did - thank you for what you did for my MJ - RIP."

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