Alexander Hahn

Alexander HahnWorked with/for:
Jimi Blue, Popstars On Stage Allstars, etc.
Recent Achievements:
songwriting and production for debut-album of german superstar-actor Jimi Blue; official remixer for No Angels Hit-Single "Disappear" (Germany's winning song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008); producer/writer for Pro7/Monrose TV-Campaign "We Love To Entertain You"
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Alexander Hahn started his creative career as a songwriter at the age of 10. Taking lessons in classical and jazz piano, he soon felt his talent for catchy melodies and lyrics. He began writing his own songs and spent most of his time on music-, design- and photo software, always looking for new ways of creative expression.

Still at school, he invented and designed the successful music sequencing software "Live" for Soft Arts, Berlin, including screen design, corporate identity, complete advertising concept and product presentation at the "Musikmesse Frankfurt".

While already working as a designer for advertising agencies, he graduated from a marketing academy with a diploma in communications. One year later, he started up his own advertising agency, Aha Design. Apart from producing radio jingles, sleeve designs and adverts (some published in Billboard Magazine New York) for the music industry, one of his first jobs was to create the brand name and corporate design concept for the launch of Europe's now biggest computer reseller Alternate.

Chartlab StudioHis know-how in trends and marketing was very helpful when he later started up his project studio Chartlab.

In 1994 Alexander Hahn teamed up with Producer Marc Mozart and East Beat Syndicate's "Love Transmission" - Alexanders debut major label release - was released by Sony Music worldwide to become a club chart hit in Germany, UK and the US.
From then on he worked as a designer, writer and producer, created corporate communications concepts for various clients and released many dance pop projects with major labels, regularly charting top positions of the German club playlists.

Since then Alexander Hahn works on various artist projects (pop/r&b/dance), creating a varied catalogue of pop songs.

Since 2003 Alexander Hahn concentrated on the management of his new design agency Satelliten Media Design in Hamburg together with his girlfriend and agency partner Inga Wermuth. Working on various design and trend research projects they have been winning several design awards including the famous "design oscar" iF communication design award. Together they invented and created Germany's biggest online database of advertising slogans used by nearly all German advertising agencies and marketers and being recommended by New York Times.

In 2007 Alexander is rejoining forces with longterm co-writing partner Marc Mozart and Mozart & Friends.

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